Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dream Screen

Here at Fluorescent Radio we have a cosmic vessel for voyaging into our personal dream-consciousness. It’s also capable of the dream-states of those interested in joining us. It is called the Dream Screen. This screen enables us to enter deep states of waking consciousness in order to translate the aesthetics and sensations we find in dreams. The result is a two-hour streaming radio show which can be heard live every Monday on Cascade Community Radio. Recordings of our adventures can be found on the shows’ internet home. The Dream Screen is a metaphysical machine, capable of broadcasting the nuanced and kaleidoscopic world of the dream. We’d like to share this powerful device with you, and we invite you to send us your dreams. The simplest way to do this is to send a written account to drmscrn@gmail.com. You can also send an audio or video account. We will share your story with our listeners, discuss it and attempt to match it to a song. Your dream will be broadcast on the screen, thus creating a feedback loop affecting not only your dreams, but the dreams of other listeners’ as well.

We will share some of the results of the dream screen with you here on Fluorescent Radio from time to time.

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