Thursday, May 5, 2011

Maxin' in Rio

The Tropical Zone lines the equator accepting the intense rays of the sun. As the sun hits Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - which lies smack dab in the middle of the tropical zone – it reflects a prism of vibe-colors back to its inhabitants. Among the human translations of this reflective process: love.

After working with Frank Zappa for most of the seventies, the synth pioneer as well as multi-instrumentalist George Duke resided in this tropical paradise also known as Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City). It was there that he recorded the sensual masterpiece “A Brazilian Love Affair” in 1979.

Flash forward to year 2011. DJ/Producer Roane Namuh, submerged in the deluge of a Pacific Northwest winter, completes his edit of “Brazilian Love Affair.” One can only imagine the need for the warm love of the tropics in such a cold, wet place. The yearning for the tropics is clear in the remix, as are the dense clouds and darkness of Portland’s rainy season. It may be because of the need to translate those warm emotions into something familiar to a northwest denizen. Or it may be a simple sound-light experiment to see how tropical rays are viewed through a clouded lens.

edit of A Brazilian Love Affair triggered film visions. A seedy groove rises out of a film noir romance scene, inviting the films actors to dance lasciviously & raw. Bump and grind visions known only by the subconscious wet dreams of future tense Fred Astaire.

Listen or download for free directly from Roane's Bandcamp

Slowing down the groove and consulting mentor Lovefingers. Impresario of the fantastic international disco/groove imprint ESP, Lovefingers is also a member of the Stallions (the esteemed Lee Douglas being the other member), and curator of a truly expansive, yet equally intimate collection of music, the collection of his daily free mp3 uploads on This collection, which spanned over 900 days, accumulated in my library and slowly the man (or sensual love machine) began massaging his beautiful, warm style into me via massage-mosis.

This track, written and performed originally by the fantastic Italian singer-songwriter, Lucio Battisti, has been edited by Lovefingers for ultimate chill space. As always Lovefingers has told me a story about love, the feeling of the streets, and provided a clear vision of romance. It is the 779th daily track of his fingerness. Enjoy.

Lucio Battisti - Doo Doo & Doo (Lovefingers Instro) (track 779)

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